The Foreign Relations Directorate

Working under the minister’s chief of staff, the Foreign Relations Directorate is mainly responsible for coordinating diplomatic and foreign affairs, protocols, ANP trainings abroad, seminars, conferences and workshops around the world; Also implementing the president’s decrees and the cabinet’s resolutions, as well as the minister’s instructions; connecting the police organs to foreign embassies and international missions in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Relations Directorate, which currently employs 35 personnel, is divided into four departments: International Cooperation, International Training and Education, International Protocols, and Administration.

The Foreign Relations Directorate Achievements

The International Cooperation Department is responsible for hosting international delegations, coordinating and conducting official ceremonies, as well as arranging the meetings of Ministry’s officials with foreign diplomats and representatives of international organizations based in Afghanistan.

Briefing about 40 candidates for long term educational scholarship in Russian federation
According to Russian government’s invitation for 40 candidates for long term educational scholarship, H.E Minister of interior established an especial commission to process the procedure. The commission selected 40 candidates who successfully passed the exam.
The lists were sent to foreign Relation Directorate -MOI,
Foreign Relation Directorate provided student passport for all of them and sends the passports to Russian embassy in Kabul for issuing visa.

Briefing of wounded & patients from police personnel  suggested from MoI to honorable Presidency of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for treatment outside the country  since beginning of National Unity Government from 7/7/1394 to 5/3/1394.

- Officers 121
- Sergeant 59
- Patrolman (84)
- Total (264)

Summary report about graduation of 14 students from Kazakhstan police Academy
According to the agreement signed 09.01.1388 / 22.11.2009 14 students who graduated from 12th high school send to Karaganda academy in Kazakhstan.
The students trained in two faculties (1. Border police, 2. Civil order). And returned back home successfully after completing the five years higher education course in policing.