The General Directorate of Natural Disasters and Firefighting has the responsibility for: preventing and fighting fires around the country; responding to fire emergencies; drawing plans for and developing strategies to prevent fires; ensuring firefighting tools are available in government and non-government buildings; performing foundational, technical and operative surveys; and taking technical care of all buildings and establishments in case of such natural disasters as earthquakes, avalanches, floods, airplane crashes, and traffic incidents.

In the past 12 years a great number of vehicles and other firefighting equipment have been made operational. Dilapidated facilities and buildings were reconstructed and refurbished, and the administration itself was upgraded from the Directory of Firefighting to the General Directory for Natural Disasters and Firefighting. This General Directory has a branch in each province of the country. Forty-six firefighting teams are active in Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Collectively they have 1,500 employees. Each team has at least two modern firefighting vehicles and trained operators.

In 2013-14 (1392), 1,462 incidents of fire, earthquake, flood, rise of water level, and avalanches were recorded, causing a confirmed 185 deaths and 275 injuries. These incidents also caused approximately US$ 9.1 million (546 million AFN) worth of damage. It is estimated that the work of this administration to improve rapid response and to undertake preventative measures has saved Afghan lives and successfully prevented an approximate US $35 million (2.3 billion AFN) loss to the country.