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Job Title
Cyber Security Forensic Analyst

Required Skills
•    Identify unusual files, scripts, configurations, and user activities based on bulk aggregation via an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or triage tools, deployed at scale.
•    Perform forensic data collections and basic forensic analysis in both on site and remote capacity.
•    Coordinate directly with legal team/client IT departments to understand project scope.
•    Maintain forensic tools set by staying current on version updates and new options in the market.
•    Work closely with project management and other team members on completing complex projects in a fast pace, deadline driven environment.
•    Assist in developing, documenting, and refining procedures to accomplish discovery process requirements.
•    Manage all chain of custody best practices associated with the rules of evidence.
•    Consistently adhere to standard operating procedures.
•    Familiar with what routine OS activities and common software/user behavior looks like in the context of forensic artifacts or timelines.
•    Understand common categories and formats of host-based indicators of compromise (IOCs) and how/where they can be leveraged to identify known-bad files/activity on an endpoint.
•    Identify potentially malicious file system objects for deeper analysis.

The Desirables...
•    Certified CHFI

Job Title
Database Developer

Required Skills
•    Strong understanding of database structures and practices.
•    Experience in SQL database management and related products from Microsoft.
•    Extensive experience designing, writing and troubleshooting complex queries, stored procedures, functions, tables, and indexes.
•    Must have experience with the creation ETL processes, SSIS and SSRS.
•    Must be able to troubleshoot complex queries, initiate T-SQL performance tuning and query optimization.
•    Experience with data warehouse and automation.
•    Experience in cloud database technologies like Azure SQL is a plus.
•    Must have strong attention to detail and analytical skills.
•    Work with developers to troubleshoot application problems related to the database.
•    Understand and implement test scripts and plans, assess results and identify effective data conversion solutions.
•    Identify and write performance tuning scripts and tools to efficiently extract and process large data sets.

The Desirables...
•    Experience in SQL server installation, configuration and patching
•    Knowledge of High Availability solutions (Replication, Always On or Log Shipping)
•    Technical documentation skills
•    Ability to work within a team environment
•    Familiar with upgrades, migrations, backup and recovery options
•    Able to implement the best database security practices
•    Any prior programming knowledge is a plus

Job Title
Malware Analyst

Required Skills
•    Familiarity with Linux OS/Android OS
•    Demonstrated knowledge in dynamic and static analysis and tools such as IDAPro and Ollydbg
•    Familiarity with analyzing disassembly of x86 and x64 binaries
•    Possess basic programming and scripting skills (e.g. .Net, Perl, Java, or Python)
•    Familiarity with Kill Chain for incident response
•    Familiarity with security technologies such as IDS, IPS, and HBSS
•    Deep domain knowledge on Threat Intelligence
•    Ability to setup collection mechanisms for malware samples (honey pots)

The Desirables…
•    Cybersecurity certifications (e.g. CISSP, CEH, Security+, CREA)
•    Reverse-engineering of Malware

Job Title
Network Security Engineer

Required Skills
•    Maintaining LAN, WLAN and Cloud services as per the business policy
•    Develop secure system baseline configurations for Network systems.
•    As a precautionary measure, analysis, recommend, and implement new security protocols for greater efficiency against any threat or malfunctions.
•    Generating and maintaining the virtual private network (VPN), firewalls, web protocols security decorum.
•    Reporting the security analysis of findings.
•    Knowledge of performing routing protocols (MPLS, HAIPE/IP, QOS and WAN).
•    Monitoring of web security gateway, perimeter security, network access controls, endpoint security.
•    Work with technical leadership to define overall security technology, standards, and strategy.
•    Monitor and remediate all security Incidents using vulnerability and security tools and scripting.
•    Respond to security incidents and report on incident handling and resolution.
•    Provide guidance and assistance with infrastructure design to ensure all security requirements.
•    Manage Network, Cloud, and Remote Vulnerability Management tools.
•    Recommend and Implement Security Solutions.
•    Strong planning and organizing skills including the ability to manage several work streams simultaneously.
•    Clear decision-making ability with the facility to judge complex situations and assess when to escalate issues.

The Desirables…
•    Certified CISSP
•    Certified CISM

Job Title
Penetration Tester

Required Skills
•    Familiarity with Linux administration.
•    Scripting in python, bash / Unix tools.
•    Web application development (any language).
•    Networking – routing and diagnostics, firewalls.
•    Vulnerability discovery, scanning, testing.
•    Log analysis and SIEM.
•    Web server and desktop security solutions – e.g. WAF, RASP, EDR.
•    Knowledge of emerging security techniques, vulnerabilities, and approaches.
•    Knowledge across a variety of platforms, operating systems and networked environments.
•    Experience with penetration testing frameworks, tools and methodologies.
•    Experience across security assurance activities.

 The Desirables…
•    Experience participating in hacking challenges.
•    Proficiency with programming or scripting languages
•    Relevant industry certifications (CREST, OSCP, etc.)

Job Title
SOC Analyst

Required Skills
•    Monitor a wide variety of information and network systems that include Circuits, LAN/WAN systems, routers, switches, firewalls, VoIP systems, servers, storage, backup, operating systems and core applications.
•    Will be responsible for the uptime of the various client projects being managed /monitored.
•    Regularly examine multiple monitoring systems for unexpected deviations.
•    Should be responsible of level 1 troubleshooting of Backup, Server and Network related issues.
•    performs real-time monitoring, investigation, analysis, reporting and escalations of security events from multiple sources including events like: Network intrusion detection, Host based intrusion detection, Firewall logs, etc.
•    Tracing, reporting and escalating malicious activity such as policy violations, Malware etc., lifecycle from end-to end.
•    Perform network & host security event monitoring of alerts originating from Security Information Management (SIEM) tool & Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
•    Act as the first point of contact for security incidents and requests.
•    Actively contribute to the continual development of the SOC.

The Desirables...
•    Any certification like CCNA, MCSE, MCP, CEH would be preferable.
•    Experience with Forensic Incident Response Triage 
•    Exposure to SOAR technology/tools

Job Title
Web Developer

Required Skills
•    Build websites Using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/JS, PHP with my sql,
•    Understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment).
•    Document Project Build and Maintenance.
•    Candidate must have a strong understanding of Development and Debugging Tools for Cross-Browser compatibility, general web functions and standards.
•    Write and Maintain Web Applications
•    Deep functional knowledge or hands on design experience with Web Services is needed to be successful in this position.
•    Experience with Git and GitHub.
•    Experience with Photoshop.
•    Familiar with Social Media and Third-Party APIs.
•    Knowledgeable of Web Application Development Frameworks.
•    Proficient with JavaScript.
•    WordPress, Theming, and Module Development Experience, type of CMS.
•    secure, acceleration of website.

The Desirables…
•    knowledge of website development, Linux system including different DBMS are preferable.
•    Demonstrable ability to discover and fix errors in code.

How to Apply - 
If you meet the above job requirements, send your CV to Please indicate the job title in the e-mail subject line. Any application without job title will not be considered. Also, please do not send additional documents.


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