Minister of Interior Affairs Had meeting with EU special Representative Mr. Tomas Necolson and his delegates

Thu, Mar 17 2022 10:09 AM

Today the acting interior Minister Alhaaj Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani Had a productive meeting with The EU special Representative Mr. Tomas Necolson and his delegation. 
Mr. Necolson showed their utter satisfaction in security sector. He said “our presence in Kabul reveals that we have not forgotten Afghanistan and we will always remember Afghans,
we will never encourage and persuade war in Afghanistan in fact we want peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. We believe on dialogues and negotiations”.
The interior minister welcomed the delegation and emphasised that the continuation of such meetings are very important in trust building.
The interior minister assured them that IEA is committed for the commitments they made and we will never allow any threat from our soil. The twenty years war was imposed on us and we fought for the liberation and independence of our country, and yet we are committed to have a good relations with international community.