The first deputy of the Ministry of Interior Affairs-IEA, Mawlawi Muhammad Nabi Omari met with the visiting delegation from Pakistan led by Secretary Interior, Muhammad Khurram Agha in Kabul earlier today. 

Sat, Jun 01 2024 10:58 AM

The Deputy Minister welcomed the delegation and described their trip as effective in solving problems and in developing the relations. The visiting delegation mentioned that the security in the region is beneficial for everyone and expressed the hope that some of the existing problems will be solved. 

Mr. Khurram Agha talked about the terrorist attack on the 26th of March this year in "Bisham" area near the Durand Line and hoped for the Afghan government's help in the security sector. The deputy Minister spoke about the good intentions of the Islamic Emirate and said that while Afghanistan wants peace for itself, it also has good wishes for others. He further added that “We do not believe in "evil" politics.

 Our intentions and actions are to promote peace in the region for the benefit of ourselves and everyone. He termed the “Bisham terrorist attack" as a tragic incident and said that all of us should take responsibility for the security of our areas and instead of diverting issues, we should facilitate in real cooperation. He also said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to not allowing others to use its territory against anyone and we wish the same from others.