Acting Minister of Interior, IEA, H.E. Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani met the representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Foreign Affairs,  Ministry of Defense of Malaysia and advisors of the Prime Minister's Office yesterday in Kabul.

Sat, Apr 27 2024 9:48 AM

After welcoming the visiting delegation, H.E. Khalifa expressed that by grace of Almighty, Afghans are the owners of their freedom and homeland. There is peace in Afghanistan, unity among Afghans has been restored. He told the delegation that Afghanistan wants close relations and interaction with the whole world, especially the Islamic countries. He further added that  Malaysia is a developed Islamic country and we should use the experiences that are compatible with our geographical and historical position.

The visiting delegation presented the greetings and good wishes of the Prime Minister of Malaysia to H.E. Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani. Ambassador Dr. Shazlina, presented information about Malaysia's efforts and capabilities in the field of cyber security and digital crime and promised to share experiences with the current government. Furthermore, In this meeting, the interior ministries of the two countries discussed the fight against drugs, police training, and exchange of experience and cooperation between the two sides.