16 Taliban Militants Killed in Kunduz and Uruzgan Provinces

Wed, Mar 13 2019 2:39 PM

Last night, seven Taliban militants were killed after Afghan Air Force struck militants’ hideout in the Khowaja Pesta village, Khan Abad district, northern Kunduz province.

Mullah Alowdin known as Wasiq a senior member of Taliban militants was among those killed.

Mullah Alowdin was the main planner and organizer of terrorist and destructive activities, armed assault and explosions in Khan Abad district and as well as in different parts of Kunduz province.

One vehicle, weapons and ammunition used by the militants were also destroyed during the air raid.

In a separate report, nine armed Taliban have been killed and two Taliban hideouts destroyed by Afghan Air Force.

The air raid took place in Seena village, Trinkot City capital of southern Uruzgan province.

The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) has stepped up counter-terrorism operations with improved close-air support to suppress the insurgency activities of the anti-government armed militant groups.

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