Meeting of the Acting Minister of Interior Affairs IEA, with UN Special Coordinator for the Independent Assessment of Afghanistan

Mon, Oct 23 2023 1:19 PM


Acting Minister of Interior Affairs IEA, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani met with Mr. Feridun Sinirlioğlu, UN Special Coordinator for the Independent Assessment of Afghanistan and his accompanying delegation in Kabul.

During this meeting , Mr. Sinirlioğlu talked about the evaluation of the current situation in Afghanistan and said that, during the meetings with the officials of different countries, the conclusion is that no country is in favor or supporter of war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Sinirlioğlu said that the solution to the existing problems and obstacles is to eliminate the restrictions on the education of female students and to prevent the creation of threats to other countries from the territory of Afghanistan. He mentioned the implementation of basic projects in the field of law enforcement, reliable security, development of agricultural affairs and reconstruction in the country as clear examples of the achievements of the Islamic Emirate. Mr. Sinirlioğlu said: UNAMA is ready and willing to fully cooperate with the international community in strengthening Afghanistan's relations, reconstruction, and the fight against narcotics.

During the meeting, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani said that, ensuring international peace, resolving issues through dialogue and impartiality is the responsibility of the United Nations; Necessary steps should be taken with Afghans in this regard. The international community and organizations should emphasize understanding and diplomatic relations instead of unilateral decisions. Problems and obstacles should be resolved through dialogue.

According to H.E Khalifa: There are solutions to solve problems through information, understanding and communication. H.E Khalifa called Afghans responsible members of the international community and emphasized that they should not be ignored.

H.E Khalifa added that: The conflicts between Afghans have ended. The phase of trust building continues, the level of trust in each other has increased and as an organized and united country, reconstruction works are going on in every field. The current system was created as a result of the sacrifices of all Afghans and the work will continue with the cooperation of all Afghans. 

The Acting Minister called the ongoing fight against drugs in the country a success and according to him, the government has been successful in this field so far, but since narcotics are a big threat to all nations, 
everyone should participate in this fight. Farmers should be assisted in alternative livelihoods and proper and real cooperation should be established in other areas as well.