Acting Minister of Interior Minister Affairs IEA, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani arrived in Faryab Province as part of his visit.

Sun, Jun 11 2023 6:14 PM


On Wednesday, Acting Minister of Interior Affairs IEA, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani attended a gathering of officials, scholars and tribal leaders in Faryab province.

Governor of Faryab Province, Shoaib Muhammad Resalat, called H.E Khalifa’s visit a good move and a pride for the people of Faryab. He said that: Our leaders are good people, and the arrival of good people in our region brings blessings and prosperity. The Mujahideen of Faryab province, like the Mujahideen of other parts of Afghanistan, have made unprecedented sacrifices.

Another participant of the gathering, Muhammad Hassan, the deputy of the Council of Scholars, said in his speech based on a hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that: The Islamic Emirate can gain the trust of the people when it work hard, entrust the work to the deserving people and help the country by planning and implementing reconstruction programs.

Abdul Ali Saeed, another participant of the gathering mentioned the day when 60 people were martyred in one day and called the freedom obtained as the result of the blood of those Mujahideen. He requested to pave the roads extending to the districts of Faryab province.

Another participant of the gathering, the tribal leader Abdul Qudous, expressed hope for the Qushtepe canal project, which will irrigate the land and bring positive changes in people's lives.

Acting Minister of Interior Affairs, greeted the people of Faryab province and offered his condolences to the heirs of the martyrs.

H.E Khalifa said: 
The people of Faryab, like other Afghans, participated in winning the country's freedom, and the heroism and sacrifices of Mujahideen will be part of the golden pages of history. The invaders tried to separate our people, create hatred and distance; Because they were afraid of our unity, but Praise be to Allah that this unity, which was based on faith and belief, remained firm; Because a poor nation defeated the arrogant and powerful armies of the world, we defeated the invaders with unity. This is what the Almighty has blessed us, an Islamic system, the preservation and survival of which is ours and yours religious duty.

H.E Khalifa mentioned the hard days of Jihad and said: My mother wanted to open the coffin to see her son for the last time. I told her that: Mother! Your son is not in a situation to be recognized. These hardships weren’t only on us, this mujahideen nation has experienced many painful stories of different families. If we forget that blood and sacrifices, we will have committed betrayal and the Lord will punish us severely.

H.E Khalifa said: If we want to have a peaceful life, progress and get rid of all these hardships, the key to all this is unity. In the Islamic Emirate, Islamic belief is everything, there is no place for ethnic thinking in this line. There is no difference between Balkh, Kandahar, Badakhshan, Faryab and Paktia for Amir-ul-Momineen, no Mujahid believes in ethnic thinking and considers these distances as a loss to his belief and faith.

H.E Khalifa said in the end: I have heard your words and suggestions, the ones which are within the limits of myself and the cabinet will be addressed, Inshallah and the ones which are related to the leader of IEA, Amir-ul-Momineen, will be shared with him.