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It is our job to make sure that once you put on that police uniform you know for certain that we will stand  with you and ensure a better future for you and your family.
Colonel Naweed Kawusi
Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior Affairs is mandated with the maintaining the law and order, providing security and countering crime in the country while also leading the fight against terrorism. Part of this mandate is ensuring that the families of law enforcement officers and the fighting men and women of Afghanistan National Police are taken care of, well-provided for and given support and assistance when and it needed. This includes the families of active duty personnel, the fallen heroes, differently-enabled police and the hostages/prisoners. 
To this end, the Ministry of Interior Affairs established the Police Support Directorate for this very purpose to ensure that the families of the ANP are regarded as a priority for the ministry and always supported. The Police Support Directorate – formerly known as the Martyrs and Disabled Directorate – provides support services in the following areas: 
1.    Financial support
2.    Health Services 
3.    Legal Aid
4.    Employment and Assisted Income
5.    Educational Support
The Police Support Directorate provides these services mainly through its Police Support Center to ensure responsive, streamlined and organized assistance in a one-stop-shop format to ensure diligence and higher class of services. The Police Support Directorate also operates and maintains a Police Support Call Center that acts as the first line of communication to the families of our police fallen heroes informing them of the martyrdom of our personnel in the line of duty to ensure all proper support is provided in a timely fashion. This call center also acts as a complaints response unit providing coordination, information and assistance to all the families of the police personnel in case of need and emergency in close collaboration with Police 119 Emergency. 

PSD Achievements in the current 1400 year

-    Establishment of a modern, sophisticated and state of the art database to ensure all information, details and status of the ANP is registered and up to date to ensure proper service delivery and attendance 
-    Establishment of Police Support Center to increase police-public engagement and streamlining of administrative documents and benefits processing 
-    Establishment of Police Support Call Center to ensure proper outreach and assistance to the families of the fallen heroes
-    Policy level reforms in payment of the fallen and disabled police heroes to ensure proper and full disbursement of Ikramiya and other benefits
-    Reintegration of over 100 police differently-enabled into contract-based employment to ensure continued support even after their retirement.
-    Organizational development, staff capacity building and streamlining of processes, procedures and work-flows to ensure better service delivery and higher level of professional integrity
-    Distribution of 500 school scholarships for the families of the police fallen and disabled heroes

Do you have a problem or an inquiry? Contact us:

Police Support Hotline: 0202212494
Director: 0796133033
Deputy Director: 0791,244,700
Police Support Center: