The Minister Biography

وزیر امور داخله


Major General Mohammad Massoud Andarabi was born in 24 April 1980 in Deah Salah village, Andarab district of Baghlan Province. 
Andarabi received his bachelor degree in Management and Information Technology and he obtained his Master degree in International Services.
Andarabi has worked in several National and International institutions in different level positions; including seven years in UN Development Office.
Andarabi served as a Chief of the General Directorate of National Security for one year.
He has worked in higher level of NDS as Deputy Director of Operations, he provided efforts during his career to protect national interests and shattered any kind of threats which posed Afghanistan’s national security and he provided lots of achievements for NDS.
He has been serving as the Acting Minister of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since January 2019.
Andarabi is fluent in foreign languages; English, Arabic and Urdu, in addition to two national languages (Dari & Pashto).