The Afghan National Police is part of Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior along with the Criminal Investigation Department, the Police Intelligence Department, the Counter-Narcotics Police of Afghanistan and the Counter Terrorism Department.

With a strength of 122,000 staff, the Afghan National Police serves as the single national law enforcement agency and is made up of:

  • Afghan Border Police;  
  • Afghan Uniformed Police;
  • Afghan Highway Police;
  • Afghan National Civil Order Police.

The Criminal Investigation Department is staffed by 4,200 investigators who work principally in Kabul city in addition to 34 provinces of Afghanistan. They are tasked with investigation, forensic crime scene investigations, crime documentation, and have access to a sophisticated forensic laboratory which they use to assist partner law enforcement agencies throughout Afghanistan.


INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) for Afghanistan is under the command of the Ministry of Interior’s Deputy Minister for security affairs.