ANP Duties & Responsibilities

The police shall be obliged to execute the following duties:
1. Ensure and maintain public order and security;
2. Ensure individual and societal security and protect their legal rights and freedoms;
3. Take preventive actions to stop crimes from happening;
4. Timely discover the crimes and arrest the suspects and perpetrators according to the provisions of the law;
5. Counter moral deviations, in moral social behavior and actions that disturb public tranquility;
6. Protect the properties and assets of the public and private sector as well as those of the domestic and foreign and international institutions and organizations;
7. Fight against the cultivation of poppies and marijuana, smuggling and drug trafficking, production, import and consumption of intoxicants, and for their prevention;
8. Fight against organized crimes and terrorism according to the provisions of the law;
9. Cooperate with administrative offices in executing their jobs within their competence according to the provisions of the law;
10. Regulate road traffic according to the provisions of the law;
11. Take steps and necessary measures to fight against unpredictable events and circumstances;
12. Help and assist victims of unpredictable events and natural disasters, rescuing them and saving their properties;
13. Take steps and measures necessary in a state of emergency in order to ensure public order and security according to the provisions of the law;
14. Attract public cooperation in the preventative and ad hoc operations;
15. Safeguard and watch the borders;
16. Control persons in the incoming and outgoing checkpoints on borders and at international airports of Afghanistan according to the provisions of the law;
17. Prevent smuggling of goods;
18. Take appropriate and necessary measures during the occurrence of any movements on borders which are against the national sovereignty;
19. Watch border traffic and control the corresponding documents;
20. Maintain cooperation and contact with border police of the neighboring nations in accordance with the international treaties;
21. Maintain cooperation and contact with the police of the foreign countries in accordance with the rules of Interpol.