Security & Traffic Awareness

Adequacy of the tires

Your safety and the safety of others is highly related to the adequacy of your car tires. Photo of Man fill car tire with air


Traveling by land

Dear driver: traveling by land is something fun, so do not turn it into a tragedy. The risks of overloading affect you and the passengers traveling with you.


Pedestrian crossing

Driver approaching pedestrian crossing must observe the movement of pedestrians who are waiting to cross. He should be prepared to give them the chance to cross when they begin to do so.


Leave enough space

Dear driver: expect the sudden stop of the car in front of you, in any emergency. So be sure to leave enough space.



Speeding is the wrong behaviors committed by some drivers who do not adhere to traffic laws and regulations. This behavior endangers the lives of all road users.


Protect your home

To protect your home from theft, and do not leave windows or outer gates widely open.


Car theft

Never leave keys in the car, even if for a few seconds. Pay attention as you do to your credit cards or money.


Abusive phone calls

If you receive a lot of abusive calls or any threat, contact the 119 police for help, you can call 119 from any number.