Driving License Permit and Vehicles License

Traffic Police
In 2012, the Traffic Department issued 128,201 driving licences, 1,630 international driving licences, and 76,905 vehicle permits.
This resulted in the generation of close to 1.4 billion afghanis in revenues. The budget for the Department with salaries was approximately 91.25 million afghanis. The Department therefore earned revenues above costs of approximately 1.3 billion afghanis.  Traffic revenues go through the Central Bank to the Ministry of Finance. They are not paid to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

There were 1,396 traffic deaths in Afghanistan in 2010, or 4.65 per 100,000 population. In 2011, the rate was 6.4 traffic deaths per 100,000 population. That number dropped by 25 per cent in 2012. Many accidents are caused by speeding drivers, talking on cell phones while driving, and ignoring traffic rules. The Traffic Department has adopted a number of measures to prevent traffic accidents, including police spot checks for vehicle road worthiness, driving courses, and advice to responsible agencies on installing traffic signs. The Traffic Police were also instrumental in introducing a prohibition on the importation of vehicles over ten years old.  This is expected to reduce both traffic accidents and air pollution.


Before a driving license can be obtained, it is necessary to apply for a driving license permit from the police. Driving license permit applications are submitted in writing to the police department for the applicant's place of residence. The permit must be paid for when submitting the application. (If you attend a driving school, the school will usually handle most of the paperwork for a driving license. Any further applications must be made in person at a police department.)

When applying for a driving license permit, the following must be submitted:

  • Two photographs (required if the previous photographs were submitted more than 3 years earlier or the applicant's name has changed)
  • Young person's health certificate (obtained no more than five years earlier) or a driving license medical certificate (obtained no more than six months earlier)
  • Written consent of parents/guardians when applying for a moped, motorcycle or tractor license if the applicant is under 18 years of age.