Minister of Interior’s Consultative Council’s members name list with Biography

Minister of Interior’s Consultative Council in the News

Minister of Interior’s Consultative Council’s members name list with Biography



Sidiqullah Tawhidi

In charge of Media Watch

Sidiqullah Tawhidi is graduated from Arabic Darul Uloom. He started his cultural work in the Ministry of Information and Cultural as the Director of Bakhtar News Agency. He was busy with Cultural work during Mujahiddin’s time and later he became the Director of Bakhtar News Agency. Then he became the Director of Radio Kilid. He has also worked in the IEC responsible for Media and now he is working in Nai Office as In charge of Media Watch. 

Fahim Dashti

Member of the National Union of Journalists

Mohammed Fahim Dashti, who was born in Panjshir, in north-eastern Afghanistan is a Journalist and former editorial director of the Kabul Weekly which is one of Afghanistan’s  most important publications. Mr. Dashti is also spokesperson for the National Union of Journalists in Afghanistan. Mr. Dashti is graduated from Kabul University from Law and Political Science Faculty in 1990.

Aziz Rafae

Director of Civil Society Networks

Aziz Rafae has done great services for civil society and NGOs in the past 20 years. He is the founder of more than 12 NGO. Mr. Rafae was elected as the civil society representative at the Berlin Conference in 2004 and London Conference in 2006. Also he has participated in Paris Conference. Mr. Rafae was the member of the organizing NGO Conference in Tokyo in December 2001, the Emergency Loya Jirga in 2002 and the constitution. Mr. Aziz Rafae is graduated from Kabul University, Engineering Faculty in 1981

Wazhma Forogh

Director and founder of the Women's Organization for Peace and Security

Wazhma Forogh chairman and founder of Women for Peace and Security Organization. Previously she was president of the Organization for Global Rights in Afghanistan. Wazhma Forogh was award the most courageous woman in 2009. She has given 15 years of her career to create change in the social status of women.

Lal Gul Lal

Director of Afghanistan’s Human Rights Organization

Mr. Lal Gul is the head of the Afghan Human Rights Organization. He is graduated from Law Faculty and also has been member of the Loya Jirga in 2011. He has received many awards in the field of international human rights in the years he has served.

Mohammad Yousuf

Director of Ashiana Organization

Mohammad Yousuf has worked with many NGOs in the area of child rights, Immigrant children and children at work risk. He established Ashiana Organization to address child labor and has done great services to this institution. He is Engineer graduated from Polytechnic University

Mohammad Khan Danishjo

Director of Afghan Youth Organization

Mohammed Khan is a graduated from Pidagozhy and the President of the Afghan youth are Organization from 1991 to 1993.

Ahmad Saeedi

Writer, Scholar and Analyst in Political and Social Affairs

Mr. Saeedi was born in one of the provinces in a middle class family and finished his education in Solar year 1352. He served many years in Education sector and from 1357 onwards focused on administrative sector. He is a poet, scholar and writer, as well. Sometimes he gets into politics and has accepted the positive aspects of both legal and natural character and has struggling with the negative aspects. Currently he considered among real analysts and has a lot of supporters. He currently does not support any political party in the country.


Shah Jahan Musazai

Director of  Afghan Rehabilitation War Victims Organization

Shah Jahan Musazai is the Director of Afghan Rehabilitation War Victims Organization. He has served in Army from 1362 to 1368 in Paktia and from 1380 to 1386 as director of the Solidarity Coordinating of Martyrs and Disabled Council Kabul Province. Musazai from 1386 to 1388 served as the Director of Finance and Administration for Access to Disable Afghans Organization.

Marie Akrami

Director of Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center

Mary Akrami is the Director of Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center. For the first time through this Center Peace Council for Women was established in various provinces of the country. Ms. Akram works along with other members of civil society to include women in peace processes and restoration works to eliminate violence.

Shejah Ul Dula


Professor Sheja Ul Dula is graduated from Management of industry faculty in 1365. He is President of the Commercial Company Lais Ltd from 1367 until now. He was professor at the Institute of industry Management, Department of Accounting and Banking from 1363 to 1357. He has also been member of the following National institutions: Member of the the Loya Jirga 1381, Honorary economic advisor to Kabul Municipality from 1382 to 1384 and Member of the Afghan-Pak Peace Jirga 1385.

Haji Mayel Agha


Haji Mayel Agha is graduated from Mir Bacha Koot High School. He later joined the business world and established fuel Pump Stations and businesses under the name of Khair Khah Group of Companies and started business which is operating all around the country. In 1386 opened a Charity Foundation named Khair Khah foundation. In the 1390 election of Kabul Chamber of Commerce with most votes from all the businessmen from Kabul  he won the election and selected as the member of the Kabul’s citizens National council.


Lt. G Mohammad Haroon Asefy

Senior Advisor to Minister of Interior

Lt. General Haroon Asefy is graduated from Police Academy in 1352. After graduation he has worked as an officer and later he moved to France and between 2002 and 2003 he returned to Afghanistan and became the Jardane Police Director. Later he became the Uniformed Police Director after two years he became the Border Police Director and in 1385 he became the Ministers senior advisor.

Dr. Suraya Sobhrang

Commissioner at Human Rights Commission

Ms. Suraya Sobhrang is a doctor and also has a degree in International Relations. Ms. Sobhrang has been the Technical Deputy Minister for Ministry of Women’s affairs and also she was introduced as one of the candidate for MoWA to Parliament and unfortunately she didn’t get the vote of confidence and currently she working as Commissioner at Human Rights Commission

M. General Abdul Rahim Shuja

Director of Police Rights

Graduated from Police Academy 1352. Other studies in Russia and Germany. Worked in Security, CID, Traffic. Commander of Waza Khah of Ghanzi, Rawat Nangarhar, Kabul CID Director, Dir of Military of Attorney General, Deputy Dir Counter CID, Dir of CID and currently Dir of Police Rights.