Biography: General Taj Mohammad Jahid Minister of Interior Affairs

Taj Mohammad, son of Haji Shamsher Khan, was born in 1968 in the Omarz District of Panjshir Province.
He attended primary school in his hometown before joining the Mujahedeen to defend Afghanistan against the Russian invasion. He studied military courses during the Jihad period.
In 1988 General Jahed went to Pakistan and graduated from the Lajnatul Dawat Islamia Institute in 1989.  Following this he started his education in the medical field.  After 18 months of studies he returned to Afghanistan and started his work at a clinic in Peshghor.

Taj Mohammad was promoted to the rank of Colonel in 1992 and selected as the Commander of the 1st Zarbati unit in the Ministry of National Security. Based on his superior performance he was promoted to Brigadier General.

Under the leadership of Ahmad Shah Masood, in 1996 General Taj Mohammad was appointed as the Commander of Ktah 05. In 2001 he was named as Commander of Central Division-055 in the Ministry of Defense and in 2002 he was promoted to the rank of Major General.

In 2002 he started his professional military education at the Afghan National Defense University, and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree.

In 2004, General Jahed was selected as the first commander of 209th Shaheen Corps.  In 2007 he completed the Senior Strategy Course for National Army Commanders.

In 2007, General Jahed was chosen as Commander of Qargah Military College and after three successful years, in 2010, he was appointed as Commandant of National Defense University and where he remained for two more years.

In 2012, General Jahed was selected as Commander of the 207th Zafar Corps and served there for four years and was promoted to Lieutenant General.

And finally according to his Military education and a successful career with a high experience, the National Unity Government recommended him as Minister of Interior and he was approved by the Parliament of Afghanistan and became Minister of Interior Affairs.