“A Death Draws Attention to Afghan Police Methods”

“A Death Draws Attention to Afghan Police Methods”
New York Times, May 12, 2014
“The terrible incident in Kandahar is most definitely not an example of ‘Afghan Police Methods’. The Ministry of Interior and the Afghan Police have been working diligently with the international community to professionalize the country’s police service and we have made great strides. I am very much concerned that what happened in Kandahar may have been a direct violation of Afghan law and police practice.”
“While we are rightfully proud of the progress we have made, we recognize and freely acknowledge that there is a great deal more that needs to be done. It is well-known that Afghanistan is a geographically and demographically diverse country and the past ten years have seen the government struggle to unify its policies and practices. The challenges are real, but the ministry is committed to continuing its efforts to the consistent application of policy and service.”
“The MOI does not consider what happened as ‘business as usual.’ Upon receipt of the report I dispatched an investigation team that will report back to me, and I firmly believe that we have the mechanisms and commitment to investigate violations of our police laws.”
M. Umar Daudzai
Minister of Interior Affairs